Horatio Francis George Errol

6ft tall with dark blonde hair and of average build, usually clean shaven, with a roguish smile on his face


Standing at 6ft Horatio stands a bit taller than most of his peers, he is of average build, but when at sea he keeps fit and can be quite agile, when on land he, like many men of the sea, has a slight tendency to put on some weight if he doesn´t exercise regularly.

He keeps his dark blonde hair relativerly short. He keeps clean shaven whenever possible.

He usually wears his uniform as civilian dress does not feel right to a man who has spend most of his life at sea.
He emvbodies the popular image of the dashing young officer, always ready with a roguish smile for the ladies and a formal bow for the gentlemen.

As a Gentleman, born and raised he can be well mannered when in polite company, but a life among rough sailors has given him both the ability and the appreciation for the seedier sides of the world, as such he is equally at home in the seediest portside tavern as he is at a country estate.

Full Name:

Class: Everyman (Soldier)
Level: 1

Charisma: 9 Intelligence: 9 Wisdom: 9
Strength: 9 Dexterity: 9 Constitution: 9
Speed: 9

Hit Points:
Damage Bonus:


Special Abilities:

Typical Equipment Carried:


Born in 1768, as the youngest son of the last Viscount of Dorrincourt, and with three older brothers, he never was part of the succession, and so was send to the navy as a midshipman at age 12, since then he has visited his family only on the rare occasion that his duties allowed, and as such has no real insight into the inner workings of Dorrincourt.

He rose through the ranks of the navy as expected of a young officer of his background, making Leutenant at age 19, and attained his first command and the rank of commander at age 23.

Folowing his first command of HMS Fury, a 16 gun Hound Class Sloop, he was again promoted to the rank of post captain and given command of the corvette HMS Champion.

During his time on HMS Champion he was involved in an altercation, the details of which no one seems willing to talk about. But following his return to England he left Champion and is currently on Half-Pay, for now the Admirality has no comment on future commands for Captain Erroll.

For now, at age 27 and with some time on his hands for the first time in many years, Horatio has decided to spend some time with his family.

(I decided to promote him to captain for a number of reasons: one, it is much easier to find images of captains then it is of lower ranks, second, as an officer of the list, and as such on his way to flag rank, no matter what, he would be much less eager to return to sea at all costs,, and a such more readily available for whatever direction the campaign takes.
I also purposefully left the details of the incident that led to his current status vague, as this leaves the details open to inclusion in further stories.)
(Context for the age of the character: Lord Nelson joined the Navy in 1771, age 12, attained rank of commander in 1778 at age 20 and became captain in 1781, age 22) Horatio is envisoned as a very competent officer and as such too high an age difference seems unreasonable. All ages assume a campaign start in 1795
Both HMS Fury, and HMS Champion are real ships that were in sevice at the time, but which are without their own wikipedia entrys and as such easily placed wherever needed in a campaign)

Horatio Francis George Errol

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